Interview Preparation: The Decisive Factor

Interview Preparation: The Decisive Factor

Most people subscribe to the myth that interview success is about confidence, charisma and various other talents that you either have or your don’t.

At Acuity Training we don’t believe that this is right. We’ve always believed that if you put in the work then your odds of succeeding at a job interview are substantially higher. To prove our point we started researching the subject and even we were surprised by the research that shows that 93% of employability is determined by preparation.

If that doesn’t persuade you to work hard to prepare for a job interview perhaps the fact that only one in ten people bother to do two hours of preparation or more. That’s right you can get close to being in the top ten percent for an interview before you go through the door by doing two hours of proper preparation. If that isn’t enough to stop you complaining about your current job and get you focused on your upcoming job interview nothing is!


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