Exciting Facts about the Symbolic Rose

The unparalleled grace and beauty of the rose, coupled with its velvety-smooth texture and intoxicating scent makes it an international favorite.

However, did you also know that the Greeks and Romans proclaimed roses as symbols of love and passion? Furthermore, a rose was also sent to outer space in 2002 to carry out scientific testing of scent at low gravity. A classic floral bouquet crafted from fresh, dewy roses is ideal for friends, spouses, parents, and even children. The D’Petals infographic on exciting rose facts introduces us to interesting info on these popular blooms.

Listed as having ‘mystical’ properties by alchemists, roses come in different hues, ranging from pale peach to deep red. There’s a different type of rose for every occasion, acquaintance, and loved one, which makes them easily-customizable for specific needs. Hence, it comes as no surprise that even Shakespeare mentions roses more than 50 times throughout his written works. Whether you seek to convey deep emotions, celebrate your platonic friendship, or even express your condolences, there’s an appropriate variety of roses apt for expressing your wishes with ease. Beautiful flowers are perfect for any time of the day and any occasion whatsoever, and roses are a stunning choice for those who want to give a thoughtful gift.

View the full infographic below:


Main image by Aling @ Flickr.

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